How can we help you?

If You are a writer and have struggled to complete a first draft of your manuscript—or a fifth or sixth—you are thrilled to see your project taking shape, but you know there are aspects of it that need more work or development, we can help. Would you like to get another, informed perspective on where to focus your efforts in order to bring the project into a more perfect whole? That’s where we come in. We have years of experience working with authors, bringing books to publication, and we are eager to see new material, learn about your concept for a book, and help you realize that vision.

Our editorial evaluation consists of a written response discussing narrative style, characterization, plot, dialogue, and in the case of nonfiction, overall development, organization, and support of your topic.  We identify strengths of the work as well as aspects that need further attention. In addition we put general notes on the manuscript and return the annotated file to you.  Third, we look at the viability of your project in the current marketplace. Finally, we make suggestions for your next best step in moving forward.

If You are an agent and have identified a writer you would like to work with whose novel is brilliantly conceived, but needs some hands-on work to be polished enough for showing to publishers, we can help.

If You are a publisher and have signed on a fabulous new project, but your editors are swamped with work, we can help.  We can take the author through a full revision, working collaboratively with your acquiring editor to shape the book into a final manuscript ready for production.

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