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namelos is five years old!

Posted on January 20, 2014

namelos was launched on Barack Obama’s first inauguration day, January 20, 2009. His administration is turning five, an eternity in politics, but for a publishing company, and for me, it has been a blink of an eye. These have been five good years for namelos. (The President has had a rockier time of it.)

Carolyn and I are in Amsterdam. She is working on her book on Etty Hillesum and I am wandering the streets of this lovely old city trying to build strength in my reconstructed knees and enjoying the wonderful riches of art displayed in the city’s many museums. Also, as usual, my time here is a retreat, a time of contemplation, and a time to plan for the future. The first time we came here for an extended period I dreamed up namelos. Now, five years later, I am pondering where to go from here.

The non-traditional business model that namelos is based on is working. On the publishing side, to date we’ve published, or are about to publish, twenty-four titles, twelve of them first novels. We’ve received more than our fair share of awards, positive reviews, including many starred reviews, and several nominations for state awards. We’ve brought ten titles back into print. We publish approximately one-hundred titles as ebooks. On the services side, we continue to write evaluations and work independently with authors to prepare their manuscripts for submission to agents and editors. Our Writers’ Workshops have been successful and we’ve scheduled two more for 2014. Our sales have been steady. We’re profitable. If a gauge of business success is stability over time, we are rock solid. namelos is ready to push into new areas, take new risks.

In order to do this, I need a partner. I’m not getting younger and the years seem to go by very quickly. Here’s what I’m looking for: someone who is passionate about publishing and wants to venture into the rapidly evolving industry from a small, stable, and flexible, albeit non-traditional, base. I am NOT looking for someone to buy or invest money in namelos. Nor am I looking to hire someone: compensation will take the form of ownership in the company and a share of profits. I need a person with a publishing background—not exclusively editorial—who is prepared to commit time and energy to growing the business with an eye toward taking it over in time. I welcome all serious inquiries.

I expect that 2014 will be an exciting year here at namelos. I hope it brings good things to all of you!

Stephen Roxburgh
President & Publisher
namelos llc