How to Install your eBook

Posted on May 7, 2012

We provide eBooks in three common file formats:

.epub for Apple products including iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTouch and most other hardware (e.g. Sony, et al)

.mobi for Kindle

.pdf for various ereaders and computers (n.b. because .pdf’s are pictures of pages, they can only be enlarged and reduced, not re-flowed. Therefore, .pdf’s are not recommended for small screens, e.g. cellphones.) At this time, we feel the best screens for viewing .pdfs are the Kindle DX and the iPad, otherwise use a re-flowable file format.

You can not download files directly into most devices unless you purchase them from the prorietary store, e.g. iTunes or Amazon.

However you can download files to your computer and then install them to your reading device.

To install on your Apple device, open iTunes on your computer and place the file (.epub or .pdf) in the “Books” folder. Then attach your device to your computer (using the power/USB cord) and sync iTunes. When you disconnect and go to your iTunes library on your device, the book will be there.

To install on your Kindle, attach your device to your computer using the USB cord provided (it’s the same cord you use for power: the plug is a USB attachment). Then place the file (.mobi or .pdf) in the documents folder of the Kindle drive. When you disconnect the Kindle from the computer and open the home page, the book will be there.

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