Things that make a book perfect

Last year on my birthday my six-year-old granddaughter, Belle, gave me a list titled “How to Make (and Publish) a Book.” This year she gave me a new list. Here it is:

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Story and Plot

People, even writers, tend to use the words ”plot” and ”story” interchangeably. In general, that is acceptable, but in a discussion of the art of the novel it is not useful.

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"the illusion of validity" and the Primacy of Story

What does a Nobel Laureate in Economics have to say that every author needs to hear? A lot.

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What up?

I took four months off from blogging and, for those of you trying to maintain a blog and despairing, I’m here to say, take a break. It may not be the right thing to do, but it’s the best thing to do. You can blog on schedule with nothing to say, because you’re supposed to keep the channel open, or you can blog when you have something to say, and let the channel go neutral in the interim. I vote for the latter.

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Rose Breasted Grosbeak

I’d never seen this bird before it showed up in my garden …

… neither had Pup!

Sumer is icumen in

Today the temperature is supposed to hit 95 degrees.

It’s granddaughter Belle’s last day of school.

Carolyn is in Pennsylvania teaching at a Whole Novel Workshop for the Highlights Foundation.

I’m reading six novels for my own “Editing for Writers” workshop from June 19-22.

On the 24th I’m off to New Orleans for the ALA.

Lhude sing cuccu!

Knowns, Known Unknowns & Unknown Unknowns

Yesterday’s news was Bowker’s Books in Print report with preliminary estimates of the number of titles published in 2010. “Traditional” print is up by 5% and “non-traditional” is up 169%. The growth in the traditional sector is lead by Science & Technology. Fiction, the largest category, is down by 3%. Children’s, the second largest category, is also down. Continue Reading →

I’m losing interest in ebook news

I’ve mentioned many times before that changes affecting the publishing industry are taking place at an amazing pace. I keep up with them, but I don’t know how long I can keep talking about them. Take today, for instance. Two big things happened.

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May Day! May Day! May Day!

The official distress call—MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY—derives from the French m’aider, an abbreviation of the sentence, “Come help me.” However, I am not in distress. I am merely celebrating May 1st. It has been a long winter and today finally convinces me that spring has come. In honor of the day, I would like to give to you, and, as it happens, ask for your help in passing along, a book we are publishing soon.

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Not-So-Hidden Pictures

I’m really trying to do some editorial work today, and managing to do some, albeit not as much as I should. The birds in my favorite old pear tree are putting on a show. Here are a few highlights! (btw: If you click on the images, they expand.)

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