Featured Trailer: Will Poole’s Island

”Immersive, like the best of historical fiction. …This riveting portrayal of early Colonial New England shines a speculative but compelling light on the time and place.”—Kirkus Reviews

”It’s been so long since I felt like a little girl in love with books again. Treasure Island, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Yearling, lazing around on a spot of sunshine totally engrossed in this other, historical world, that’s how I feel about Will Poole’s Island.” – Suzanne Kingsbury, author of The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me

”Will Poole’s Island is a classic tale, transporting and evocative. You’ll find yourself caught up in the action of this timeless adventure”—K.L. Going, author of Fat Kid Rules the World

”Tim Weed’s Will Poole’s Island is a doorway to an earlier world when the United States existed as a borderless tract of land whose dimensions could hardly be imagined. It is the best kind of historical fiction, the kind that brings that earlier world forward for our understanding. This is a superb novel, written with truth and daring at its core.”—Joseph Monninger, award-winning author of Baby and Crash

Praise for Spinoza: The Outcast Thinker

Devra Lehmann

Winner, 2014 National Jewish Book Award, Children’s and Young Adult Literature

7 Part biography, part history, part exploration of Spinoza’s philosophy: wholly engaging. . . . Throughout this ambitious and thorough narrative, Lehmann does an outstanding job of illuminating Spinoza’s concepts in a clear, concise and logical manner and gives them contextual relevance by illuminating the pertinent political and social upheavals of the time. . . . Clarity, accessibility and spot-on relevance to issues facing modern society make this a must-read.
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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Booklist: The Best YA & MG Book Jackets of 2013

Booklist ONLINE identified eight outstanding book jackets from 2013. One of them is Shannon Hitchcock‘s The Ballad of Jessie Pearl, with art by Timothy Decker and designed by Helen Robinson. Congratulations all!

Advance Praise for Out of Eden by Peter Johnson

A family vacation goes asunder amid notes of Deliverance, religious delusions and frighteningly plausible violence….It’s the inexplicability of cruelty that makes this horrifying page-turner so effective. A compelling portrayal of inevitable, realistic violence and evil personified.
Kirkus Reviews

As for Out of Eden, I don’t know if one can say he liked a book about evil so I’ll say I admire it, instead. [Peter Johnson has] done a superb job of conveying the inexplicable nature of evil, reinforcing it by the sections that take the reader into Leopold’s head. … The sense of foreboding is palpable; Leopold and Abraham are two scary dudes! …Heartstopping but deeply satisfying.
Michael Cart