Barabra Gilbert

Barbara Gilbert

Posted on April 22, 2012

Barbara Snow Gilbert is an attorney, mediator, andan award-winning author. As a political science major with a minor in art history, Ms. Gilbert studied in Florence, London, and Washington, D.C., and graduated with a B.A. degree, magna cum laude, from Colorado College. She worked on various political staffs, including that of the Speaker of the House of the U.S. Representatives and the Governor of Oklahoma, then attended law school and received her Juris Doctor degree, with honors, from the University of Texas. Ms. Gilbert is married and has two daughters. She is a lifetime student of the piano, which she studied in the University of Michigan Division of Interlochen National Music Camp, and at Colorado College. She is fourth generation Oklahoman on both sides of her family tree, and proudly claims her heritage back to territorial days. Ms. Gilbert lives in Oklahoma City. She writes of Stone Water, “I did not write this book to take a stand on the issue of assisted suicide; I wrote this book to tell a story.”